About Us

Naser Arka Trading Co., Isfahan, with about 7 years of experience, is one of the leading units in the field of producing and selling all kinds of construction and decorative stones, and in addition to operating in the domestic market, it exports its products to more than 10 countries. With the help of Italian new machines, the company offers its products of the best quality and packaging in accordance with international standards. The products of this company include the types of travertine, marble, granite, onyx (marble) and lymastone in the form of tiles, slabs and blocks (raw rocks) and are processed with more than 30 types of processes such as antique, guillotine, leather, puzzles. The company also distributes all kinds of imported granite stones (peanut and orange), imported marble (Turkish emperador) and imported crystals (Volokass, Tassos, Marmara and Maya Greece) at best prices and quality in Iran. These products are offered to customers through a wide variety of different tastes, in accordance with modern and traditional architecture. It should be noted that the products of this company, due to the variety and adaptability to various weather conditions, can be used in different places, inside and outside buildings, such as exterior, lobby, flooring, stairs and more.



Raw Stuffing

One of the specialties of Naser Arka Trading Company in Isfahan is the identification and procurement of various types of raw stones from different mines and exporting them to other countries. The company also has the ability to procure and import various types of raw stone from other countries' mines and has a brilliant record of importing stone from Turkey to Iran.

All types of stone processing

Naser Arka's Esfahan Trading Company processes all sorts of travertine, marble, granite, onyx and limestone in tiles and slabs. The company also distributes all kinds of imported granite stones (peanut and orange), imported marble (Emperador Turkey) and Imported Crystal (Volokass, Thassos, Marmara and Maya Greece) at best prices and quality in Iran.

Customs service

Nasser Arka Isfahan Trading Co., Ltd., provides all customs services for ease of purchase, and, having the experienced staffer, will dispose any authorized goods and send them to the desired destination in the best possible way and the shortest time possible. Moreover, the personnel of this company are based in different custom centers, ready to serve their customers.

Shipping of goods

One of the main concerns of customers is the transportation of goods to the destination, sometimes to import goods and sometimes to export goods to different countries. Naser Arka Trading Co., Isfahan has been able to carry out any ground or sea transportation services and deliver goods to various customers in most parts of Iran and the world.

Distinctive Features of Naser Arka Esfahan Trading Co.

Distinctive Features of Naser Arka Esfahan Trading Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does the purchased item reach its destination?
Nasser Arka Company is capable of carrying out all ground and sea transportation services as well as performing all customs duties to the destination city.
2) Is your company active in other fields?
Nasser Arka Company Esfahan, will be active in all areas of significant investment and profits.
3)Is your company able to export different products?
Yes, all goods can be exported.
4) Can we use your business card to export other products?
Yes, you can use this privilege to export manufactured goods.
5) How can we collaborate with your company?
Our company welcomes any idea that has economic justification or interests of the company.
6) What is your company's field of activity ?
Export and import of stone are processed both in raw form and in crude form.
7) Does your company have an office and a warehouse in Turkey?
Yes .